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How to Mount a Monitor to DJI Ronin S | 3 Setups

Today I'm going to show you three minimalistic ways that you can mount a monitor to the DJI Ronin So when I see people using the Ronin S, it's usually one of two ways. They're relying completely on the back LCD, which is just too dim and small to tell if things are really in focus. Or they've got the monitor mounted in some overly complicated, funky way, and it's just all off balance.

So let's dive right into these beautiful and minimalistic ways to mount a monitor. Let's start with my favorite setup, and that's using the Ninja V, but you can really do this with any monitor. Now for this one, we are going to be using the vision neck handle from digital photo. Now they did send me these parts, but they did not pay me to say any of this hashtag not sponsored. So to get started, we're going to use this handle Now the cool thing about this is that it mounts right on to the side, and it can be used as another handle. So it's a nice way to have that extra support and stabilization. But for our purposes, I'm actually going to remove the handle parts. Because I want this to be as minimalistic and sleek as possible. Now I'm going to grab an Allen wrench that came with it and remove these top screws.

Now that I've got the handle part out of the way, we've got just this part, that's all you're going to need really, let's undo the M six screws. Once we've got this little plate off, we're going to use the screws that came with the handle their f6 screws, but they're longer, and then use the allen wrench that came with it. Now the only other part you're going to need is this little tilt arm from small rig. And I'm going to link to all these parts and the parts from Digital Photo down in the description below. So you can easily find them, I already have it screwed on to the monitor. And then I'm going to grab the two screws that came with it. And we're going to mount this thing upside down.

Now that I have the monitor fully mounted, you could see this just freely hanging here, what we're going to do is angle this up completely so that your hand can still wrap around. And it's a nice viewing angle as well to keep it at this nice kind of 45 degree angle. This is such a solid setup with this metal neck sticking out and then hinge because it's not going anywhere your monitor isn't not going to budge or move like it does. A lot of times I'm using a magic arm and all sudden it's crooked or falling all over the place. This once you've got to tighten down, you don't have to worry about your monitor moving at all. Let's get the HDMI cable in. Now that we've done though mounted. And what I like to do is take a standard little twisty tie and wrap it around the HDMI cable keeps this little bit cleaner. And then I still have enough slack to do my full movements. And I'm not worrying about the HDMI cable pulling or tugging anywhere.

I want to show you one other simplistic way using this bar before we move on to the next setup. Now they did include a nice little cold shoe So what I'm going to do mount this cold shoe, I've got the cold shoe mounted to the bottom now. And what I'm going to do is actually take my small HD focus monitor because it has this nice tilt on on it already. And if you don't have one of these, you could use something like one of the field world monitors. I've done a video on that actually comparing it to this, and it will work perfectly with this as well. So I'm just going to slide it right into that cold shoe and tighten it down. Bada bing bada boom, mounted on there nice, I can easily adjust the viewing angle when I'm out there filming.

Next setup is definitely the most minimalistic. And all you really need is this little quarter 20 adapter that goes on the Ronin S from digital photo, and this little friction arm that comes with it as well. So to get started, we're going to screw quarter 20 adapter on to the side using BM six screws.

Now that we have the quarter 20 adapter mounted to the side of the road, and as I'm going to grab the little ball arm that comes in the kit, screw it in. So this one I'm going to be using, again, the small HD focus, I've taken the tilt arm off of it. And then I'm actually going to screw into the side of it where the quarter 20. I really like this setup a lot because it's just

so clean. There's not a lot of moving parts and things in the way and you can easily and quickly adjust the viewing angle of the monitor.

Next monitor setup is going to be using the spider clamp mounting plate from digital photo. And this one has two purposes that I really love. So the first part is this little plate that wraps around the top of the bonus and it has a bunch of threads on it. So you can mount all different things to it in different places. It also has this little I hook on top that allows you to

clamp a shoulder strap to it. I really like that feature. And I'll show you a little more on that later. But for our purposes right now, we're going to put the strap to the side and get this mounted, going to clamp this to the top of the Ronin S with the I hook facing the same direction as thumb stick so facing the operator.

Now that I've got this little mounting plate on there, you can see how there's all the different threads on it. So you can really mount the monitor in any which direction that you want on either or side, and mount of course, other accessories as well. So I like this because it just adds so many mounting spots and a full 360 around it. Again, I'm going to grab this little friction arm and then screw into the side here. Next I'm grabbing the small HD focus monitor and just angle it to where it's comfortable. Finally, connect my HDMI cable. And again, secure the HDMI cable out of the way. And of course, the shoulder strap, which I'm going to demonstrate now clamp this on. When I'm out there shooting, a lot of times, there's just so much weight on my hands. But now it's pulling against my body instead. And it's taking off a lot of that weight on my hands and arms. And if I really need to relax, I can just let it go completely, which is so nice. Because sometimes you just don't want to hold it at all, and maybe need to grab some batteries, or switch a lens or something like that. And it's beautiful because it just allows you to do that really like this strap.

There are a ton of different ways to mount a monitor to the world and as using the parts that I showed you today, you can get really creative with it. So if you're interested in picking any of them up, definitely check out the links in the description below. And if you want to learn how to light and shoot better videos, hit subscribe right now I have a ton more videos coming out and shooting, editing, everything like that. All right, I'll see you in the next video.

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